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Snow Plow Cutting Edges

Argo Fact: We manufactured 32,500 snow plow cutting edges in 2015.

Plow bladeProtect your manhole covers, valve boxes, curbs, markings, reflectors and cobblestones with our Tundra Tamer™ Snow Plow Cutting Edges. The polyurethane blade will absorb the shock produced by impact and will not crack the cast iron and concrete structures.


  • Designed to withstand the harshest winters
  • Polyurethane outlasts rubber 3-5 times, reducing truck downtime
  • Reversible blade doubles the wear life
  • Noise reduction for both residential areas and the driver
  • Absorbs shock, creating less wear and tear on vehicle and less driver fatigue

Use on:Tundra Tamer polyurethane cutting edge on box plow

  • Truck blades
  • Box plows
  • Dozer blades
  • ATV blades
  • Tractor blades
  • Road grader wings