Case Studies

Skirting in basalt rock quarry


Product:Skirting Engineered Polyurethane
Product Category:Conveyor Skirting & Transfer
Location:Southwest Victoria, Australia
CONVEYED MATERIALS: Basalt hard rock
SIZE OF MATERIALS: 3∕4” to 6” (20mm to 150mm)
CONVEYOR BELT WIDTH: 29.5” (750mm)
CONVEYOR LENGTH: 69 feet (21m)
Installation Date:April 2012

Problem Description:

The customer, an independent quarry, was established in 1988 and has since built up a strong profile in southwest Victoria as a producer of crushed basalt hard rock materials. The basalt rock extracted from the quarry site has less than 20% quartz and has no silica content, but as an aphanitic igneous rock it has fine grain potential.

Basalt is not the most abrasive rock, but it still achieves a rating of 23 on the Los Angeles abrasion scale. So there is significant scuffing and wear to maintain on a regular basis. Previously, the quarry had used a high-grade rubber skirting to contain the crushed rock at the transfer points. But with the high level of abrasion being experienced, the rubber skirting had to be changed out every 2 weeks, creating 2 hours of scheduled downtime to install the skirting, in awkward places with very limited space for movement. This was a waste of manpower as well as a waste of valuable production time.


Skirting installed on conveyorThe best option, after consultation and research, was to install Argonics polyurethane skirting at the transfer points.

“I’m so pleased that I made the decision to upgrade to Argonics skirting. Firstly, the extra expenditure was limited to just the Argonics skirting product so that was excellent. Installation was very simple. None of the existing frames needed any adjustments so no extra modification costs were incurred.

“Secondly, it has far outperformed the old rubber skirting. Instead of lasting just 2 weeks, I think the Argonics skirting has lasted more than 4-5 months. So the initial investment has definitely saved me money overall.

“I’m delighted that we don’t waste so much time on the maintenance of the conveyor and its parts. The Argonics skirting reliably does the job and we can focus on production.”