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Agriculture Products

Agriculture Miscellaneous Parts

Coated Bolts

Coated fastener bolts

Our coated bolts are capped with the same polyurethane as our sheets. Installing your liner using these durable fasteners provides an uninterrupted, abrasion-resistant surface.

No gluing or patching required, no surface preparation needed. Coated bolts are available in the same formulation as our liners and provide incredible holding power.

Counterbore Tool

Counterbore tool

A high-quality counterbore tool is essential for proper installation of our urethane-coated bolts. The counterbore tool is designed to work specifically with our coated bolts.

Miscellaneous Parts

Custom agriculture parts

Argonics produces many reliable and long-lasting wear solutions for the agriculture industry. Custom-designed parts to serve clients’ requirements are also available.

Parts can be solid urethane or ceramic-embedded.

Backing options include plain, fabric backed, expanded metal backed, and solid metal backed. Weldable configurations are also available.

Options for installation include adhesive, welding and a variety of common fasteners, including our coated bolts.