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Snow Plow Cutting Edges

Argo Fact: We manufactured 32,500 snow plow cutting edges in 2015.

Snow plow cutting edge on plowNow available to order online!

Protect your manhole covers, valve boxes, curbs, markings, reflectors and cobblestones with our Tundra Tamer™ Snow Plow Cutting Edges. The polyurethane blade will absorb the shock produced by impact and will not crack the cast iron and concrete structures.

Our polyurethane cutting edges are hard enough to scrape your driveway or road surface clean, yet flexible enough not to damage raised or uneven surfaces.

Let our experience work for you!

Our plow blades are manufactured with the same Kryptane® polyurethane that has been used in the mining industry for the past 25 years. It is engineered to handle extremely harsh environments, and snow and ice are no match for it!

Our years of experience mean that our cutting edges are ideal for use in large-scale and municipal applications, for snowfighting professionals on their truck and tractor plows, and for homeowners on truck and ATV/UTV plows.

Tundra Tamer polyurethane snow plow cutting edges on box plow

  • Designed to withstand the harshest winters
  • Polyurethane outlasts rubber 3-5 times, reducing truck downtime
  • Reversible blade doubles the wear life
  • Noise reduction for both residential areas and the driver
  • Absorbs shock, creating less wear and tear on vehicle and less driver fatigue

Use on:

Cutting edge installed on a UTV plow

  • Truck blades
  • Box plows
  • Dozer blades
  • ATV and UTV blades
  • Tractor blades
  • Road grader wings

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