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Bulk Material Handling Parts

Classifier Parts

All classifier parts are easy to handle, lightweight, resistant to corrosion and available for a broad range of equipment.

  • Shoes
  • Downcomer spouts
  • Valve seats and seals

Screen Deck Parts

We have a variety of reliable, long-lasting screen accessories to meet your needs, including:

  • Crown bar channel cover
  • Coated bolts
  • Spray deflectors
  • Nut protectors
  • J-blocks
  • Screen deck shaft tube covers
  • Screen spray pipe protectors
  • Urethane-lined pipe

Kryptane® polyurethane is resistant to corrosion, easy to handle and lightweight.

Haul Truck Bed Liners

Haul truck bed liners

Argonics’ polyurethane haul truck bed liners absorb shock and protect the truck bed from damage and wear. Polyurethane liners outlast rubber and steel and install more quickly than AR steel liners.

  • 3” thick polyurethane reinforced with 1∕4” steel for increased durability
  • Available for v-bottom, dual slope, and flat bottom beds
  • Install with supplied weld studs
  • Comes with Snap-Tite plugs to cover and protect bolts
  • 1∕8” reinforced steel tail support
  • Side liners also available