Public Works Products

Submittal Data Sheets

Looking for technical information on having our water works products spec’d for your next project? Here are submittal data sheets for more of our water works products.

Product nameSizePart numberDownload
Curb inlet hoodNF-R3235 replacementMP-CH-NFR3235Download
Curb inlet hoodNF-3222 replacementMP-CH-NFR3222Download
Curb inlet hoodNF-3067 replacementMP-CH-NFR3067Download
Curb inlet hoodEast Jordan retrofit (5.5")MP-CH-552238Download
Poly curb box system - Arch.75" & 1" curb stopsMP-PCB-SA1WDownload
Poly curb box system - Arch1.5" & 2" curb stopsMP-PCB-SA2WDownload
Poly curb box system - Arch2.5" Arch for .75" & 1" curb stopsMP-PCB-SA3WDownload
Poly curb box system - Minneapolis2" tapped baseMP-PCB-SM2WDownload
Poly curb box system - Minneapolis1.5" tapped baseMP-PCB-SM1WDownload
Sewer Seal cleanout access cover4" & 6"MP-SW-C4020-B93 & MP-SW-C6030-B93Download
Speedy Sleeve repair sleeve6", 12", 18" lengths with 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" dia.MP-RS-S1000WDownload
Valve box cover5-1/2" IDMP-VBC-C075501Download
Valve box repair coverMP-VBC-RP7300Download