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Below are some of the custom parts that we have made for our customers. Contact us today to see how we can help you solve your unique application problems with our polyurethane parts.

Dogbone Spring

  • Application – Tension Spring used in reclining of theater seats. Allows the seat back to recline return to its original position.
  • Material – 85A
  • Dunnage Part

  • Application – Dunnage spacer used in transportation of truck boxes. Prevents denting and scratching of newly painted surfaces
  • Material – 92A


  • Application – A wedge inserted to prevent credit card machines from vibrating and moving out of place in kiosks.
  • Durometer – 70A
  • Mixer Arm Guard

  • Application – Protects concrete mixer arm from wearing out, taking damage, and building up with concrete.
  • Durometer – 83A
  • Insert material – Steel
  • Greenhouse Roller

  • Application – Drive roller for greenhouse irrigation systems. Rolls sprinkler system from one end of a greenhouse to the other.
  • Durometer – 85A
  • Insert Material - Steel
  • greenhouse roller

    Prosthetic Suspension

  • Application – Lower extremity prosthetic shock absorber for ankle pylon supports.
  • Durometer – 80A, 84A & 87A
  • Truck Bushing

  • Application – Trunnion bushing used in air ride truck suspension application.
  • Durometer – 92A
  • Precision Roller

  • Application – Precision roller used in paper handling application.
  • Durometer – 60A
  • Hub Material - Aluminum
  • precision roller

    Exercise Wheel

  • Application – Exercise equipment roller, rowing Machine roller allowing the seat to slide back and forth during use.
  • Durometer – 95A
  • Seat Impact Bumper

  • Application – A seat cushion used to eliminate noise, soften loading, and rebound back to size to provide stadium seats with a resilient bumper.
  • Durometers - 87A, 92A & 75D
  • seat impact bumper