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Custom Part Design Center

Our Expertise

Our staff understands the importance of product development. The company maintains a complete prototyping department to produce the “one off” prototypes and proof of concept parts essential to our customers. Low volume and hand cast production parts are the core of our engineer-to-order operation. Concept development, mold design and product implementation with quick turnaround are part of the day-to-day commitment to our customers.

Argonics offers customers its knowledge of urethane chemistry and the ability to adapt that chemistry to specific customer applications. As a polyurethane manufacturer, Argonics formulates its own polymers and can therefore customize that material to meet very stringent requirements. In the case of less demanding applications, that chemical knowledge can save you money.

Our expertise in urethane formulations can cut the time and expense of bringing a product to market. With more than three decades of experience in solving tough applications problems for its customers, Argonics provides an invaluable advantage for you in your next urethane application.