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Speedy Sleeve Poly Curb Box System

The Argonics Speedy Sleeve Poly Curb Box System was designed to keep inventory space to a minimum.

The universal system is manufactured using corrosion-resistant polyurethane and durable PVC pipe that can be easily adjusted. Featuring the same technology as our Speedy Sleeve Repair Sleeve, the polyurethane cap has an embedded magnet and allows for easy tracer wire installation.

  • Available in Arch or Minneapolis styles
  • Manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials
  • Requires minimal inventory space – no need to store multiple sizes.
  • Universal system reduces stock requirements
  • Designed for Northern climates, but can be used anywhere there is a buried water line below frost grade
  • Height can be adjusted in seconds to grade level
  • Can be installed in concrete sidewalks and driveways

Speedy Sleeve Polyurethane Repair Sleeve

  • Tap-on repair sleeve allows for quick repair and easy access
  • Embedded magnet assures locating with ease when buried
  • Snap plug cap system with notches for easy removal with a flat-head screwdriver
  • Polyurethane sleeve slides tightly onto pipe and seals out debris
  • Easy tracer wire attachment

PVC Extension Pipe

  • Will not corrode like its cast iron counterpart
  • Less expensive to buy, install and repair than cast iron
  • Readily available at home improvement and hardware stores
  • Won’t interfere with the valve
  • Repairs can be easily made by cutting the pipe, inserting a coupling and attaching a new piece of PVC

Polyurethane Curb Box

  • Available in Arch or Minneapolis styles
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Rod-centering design
  • Protects against impact damage to the valve
  • Easy tracer wire attachment
  • Fits 1 1∕2“ Schedule 80 PVC


Arch Style Poly Curb Box


Our corrosion-resistant arch style curb box covers the valve but does not connect mechanically. The flexible polyurethane will protect the valve and will absorb any pressure from above.

  • Universal base inhibits pipe from twisting and moving
  • Designed to fit the most common types of valves (Mueller, A.Y. McDonald, Ford or Redhead)
  • Keeps box in line during installation
  • Conforms better to the valve
  • Available sizes: 3∕4” and 1” valves

Minneapolis Style Poly Curb Box


Our Minneapolis style curb box has a PVC threaded insert that protects the valve from corroding and ensures alignment of the valve and the box.

  • Corrosion-resistant threads
  • Protects against impact damage to the valve
  • No wrench needed to install – can be tightened by hand
  • Available in 1-1/2” thread

Speedy Sleeve System Install Video: