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OTR Sidewall Protector

OTR sidewall protector

Protect your tires from the harshest environments with the Argonics OTR Sidewall Protector.

Made from durable, specially formulated polyurethane, the unique design helps keep your tires safe from puncture and other damage.


  • Withstands extreme conditions
    When tested in some of the most challenging quarry conditions, the OTR Sidewall Protector significantly reduced stress and damage to tires.
  • Cost effective and reduces downtime
    The OTR Sidewall Protector safeguards tires from puncture and severe damage, helping to maximize your equipment investments and reduce time and money spent on repairs.
  • Unique design
    The patent-pending OTR Sidewall Protector is unlike other tire protection systems on the market. The modular system makes replacing a damaged part much more cost effective than the competitors’ one-piece design.

The sidewall protector is currently available for sizes 29.5R25, 35/65R33, 45/65R45, and 875/65R29, with more sizes coming soon.

Haul Truck Bed Liners

Haul truck bed liners

Argonics’ polyurethane haul truck bed liners absorb shock and protect the truck bed from damage and wear. Polyurethane liners outlast rubber and steel and install more quickly than AR steel liners.

  • 3” thick polyurethane reinforced with 1/4” steel for increased durability
  • Available for v-bottom, dual slope, and flat bottom beds
  • Install with supplied weld studs
  • Comes with Snap-Tite plugs to cover and protect bolts
  • 1/8” reinforced steel tail support
  • Side liners also available