Product Information

Case Studies

Snap-Loc skirting in solar salt quarry

The customer was experiencing a significant spillage problem around the transfer point area. Our Snap-Loc skirting was selected as a better dust suppression solution as well as one that will last longer, requiring less replacement skirting in the future. This will achieve significant cost savings and reduce scheduled maintenance shutdowns.

Redi-Liner Ceramic in New Zealand Quarry

A quarry customer replaced steel plates in a transfer zone of a portable plant with Redi-Liner ceramic panels. The panels are easily installed and have lasted significantly longer than the steel plates, allowing for cost and time savings.

Skirting Engineered Polyurethane

After more than 8 months of monitoring and assessing the installation, the Skirting was still performing beyond its expectations. Even with this significantly prolonged usage, a measurement of the skirting showed only 1.5 mm of wear had incurred.

Snap-Loc™ Dust Seal Skirting System

The customer made the decision to install our Snap-Loc Dust Seal System, using it to provide an effective seal at the conveyor transfer points. In comparison to the previously used rubber, changing to the engineered polyurethane outperformed in many ways.

Kryptane Polyurethane Sheets

Using a steel chute together with abrasion-resistant steel liners at the impact point, the problem encountered at this plant site was not uncommon, with build up of the product sticking and clogging the chute.

Redi-Liner Ceramic Modular Lining System (2012)

Our customer operates four quarries and two rail terminals that supply the Sydney and broader market with quarry products (aggregates and sand). Rail transport is considered a more sustainable method of transport due to its ability to carry larger loads in a single trip; loads are transported quicker; fuel costs are lower, and overall fossil fuel emissions are lower.

Redi-Liner Ceramic Modular Lining System (2011)

Founded in 1947, the customer is a long-established local company, supplying a wide range of high quality premixed concrete and quarry products to the building and construction industry in Wagga Wagga and surrounding areas.

Redi-Liner Ceramic Modular Lining System (2010)

Leslie Vale Quarry produces more than 700,000 tons a year of high-quality hard rock dolerite products, supplying the construction industry with high-quality aggregate in road base materials. In addition to their fixed plants, at Leslie Vale they operate a modern fleet of trackmounted mobile crushing and screening plants, comprising primary, secondary and tertiary units, screens and pugmills.