Case Studies

Redi-Liner Ceramic used in Mexican Gold Mine


Product:Redi-Liner Ceramic Modular Lining System
Product Category:Flow & Anti-Wear
Location:Durango, Mexico
CONVEYED MATERIAL: Crushed ore, 1∕2” (13mm) and smaller
Rate: 1,324 tons per hour
Installation Date:April 2019

Problem Description:

A gold mine in Durango, Mexico installed two Argonics Redi-Liner Ceramic panels alongside two rubber ceramic panels in the discharge chute of a transfer conveyor.


Argonics ceramic compared to rubberAfter one month, the panels were compared. As seen in the photo on the left, the Argonics panels (top) showed much less wear than the rubber panels (bottom).

The customer was extremely happy with the performance of the Argonics panels and has decided to enter them in their system as the standard for all the transfer conveyors at the leach pad.

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