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Truck Bibs

We sell numerous concrete truck bibs; many customers prefer the polyurethane over rubber due to its cleanability. Concrete is much easier washed off and has much less tendency to stick. They also just look better; they have a shine to them. One of our end-users said changing from rubber to poly bibs was the best thing ever.

C & G Equipment

Liner and System

We have had great success with Argonics products. Our 1/2″ thick polyurethane weigh batcher liner lasted 15 years and our Micro Eraser belt cleaner lasted 18 years!

Best Concrete and Supply

Blue Ox™ Liners

I have been very happy with the performance of the Blue Ox, it shows no wear after three years and close to 27 million bushels. When we have a problem area, we install Blue Ox and it outlasts everything else we’ve tried… Brand X that we have installed elsewhere is showing wear and will need to be changed much more often.

Earl Joy
Agrex, Inc.


We really have been fortunate to discover the long-wear benefits of this product! Philip Jones from Logic Industries suggested your product, and after some deep thinking, we decided to give it a try. Philip is very knowledgeable about your products. We also used the red urethane [sheets] on chute linings and are very pleased with the wear life!

Mark K.
Oxford Mining Co.

Before we installed the 12×12 [Redi-Liner] squares we were using 1/2″ steel AR plate. The steel plate would last a season, about 200,000 ton across the screen deck. Since we installed your product, we’ve run over 385,000 ton through the decks and they show very little wear! Not only are we getting more life and wear than the steel AR plate, the installation of this product is a piece of cake!

Thanks for a great product!

Steve E.
Kokosing Material Inc.

Good stuff! Wouldn’t buy anything else.

Mike T.
Kokosing Material Inc.


In the past we have always used the regular black rubber skirt. In the spring Philip Jones of Logic Industries talked to me about using your product. We decided to give it a try. At this time last year we would have replaced the black rubber skirt at least 2 times. This product will last all year and reduce downtime, dust and clean up.

Great product.

Tim B.
Allied Corporation

Regular black rubber wears the belt down to the cords and sticks to the belt. The green [urethane] doesn’t wear the belt and lasts 5 times longer.

Dave E.
Massillon Materials Inc.


I have used Argonics Kryptane lining material at our grain export terminal for over ten years. I have installed Kryptane liners in many high flow problem areas where other products have failed, due to premature wear of the lining material. Generally I would replace the old liner each year, but after installing Kyptane, the maintenance schedule has decreased substantially. I have not had to replace any of these liners installed over the last ten years. We export about 43 million bushels of grain through the system each year and the Kryptane liners show little sign of wear.

Bill H.
CHS Inc.

Cleaners, Liners, Skirting

We have installed several belt scrapers, replacement blades, ceramic chute liners and 1/2″ x 6″ skirting. All the above products have performed well. We are especially impressed with the urethane-encased ceramic blocks. We re-lined the bottom half of a coal chute with this product and so far we are impressed. We will no doubt order more in the future. Thanks for supplying us with quality products.

Carl M.
American Electric Power