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Impact Bars

Our Load Zone impact bars are newly redesigned after more than a year of research and testing. The result is an impact bar that is 241% stronger than our previous bar.

UHMW is bonded to high performance Kryptane® urethane, creating a single piece construction and eliminating open bolt holes as found on other bars. These layers are supported by an engineered insert that provides 241% more strength. Our bars accept a standard 1/2″ (12mm) grade 8 bolt and washer instead of a costly T-bolt, reducing hardware costs. Multiple formulations are available, including MSHA-approved flame retardant formulas.


Testing Results Show:

  • The UHMW layer is now twice as thick as the previous bar, effectively increasing the wear life by 2X
  • The new design has 24% lower rebound than rubber bars
  • The new aluminum base provides better support while increasing overall strength by 241%

View the video about Argonics’ new impact bars: