Case Studies

Redi-Liner Ceramic Modular Lining System (2012)


Product:Redi-Liner Polyurethane & Redi-Liner Ceramic
Product Category:Flow & Anti-Wear
Location:Rail Terminal, St. Peter’s, Sydney, Australia
Conveyed Material: Basalt rock, 3/4” - 1-1/8” (20mm - 30mm), crushed and screened
Existing Wear Liner Installed: Abrasion-resistant steel plate
Rate: 700 tons per hour, 22 foot (7m) drop
Installation Date:18 months to date

Problem Description:

Our customer operates four quarries and two rail terminals that supply the Sydney and broader market with quarry products (aggregates and sand). Rail transport is considered a more sustainable method of transport due to its ability to carry larger loads in a single trip; loads are transported quicker; fuel costs are lower, and overall fossil fuel emissions are lower. The rail terminal at St. Peters transports the aggregates and sand into eastern Sydney from the quarry at Dunmore on the South Coast. The main problem our customer had at St Peters is the necessity to keep noise levels down. It’s essentially an urban area, being only 41 ∕4 miles (7km) from Sydney’s CBD. So they wanted to find a different type of chute liner to replace their existing steel liner, one that absorbed the noise, and at the same time weighed lighter and would last longer


Follow-up feedback from our customer tells us that they are extremely satisfied with the performance of both of the Redi-Liners. Since fitting them not only has the noise levels reduced dramatically, which was their primary need at St. Peters, but the installation of the panels was very easy. From a maintenance perspective, getting access to confined areas has very specific challenges, let alone the complication of a heavy steel liner. But with the panel lining system of the Redi-Liners, they didn’t have that problem at St Peters and our customer had the flexibility to install them in a configuration that specifically matched their needs. The wear on the Redi-Liners has been highly satisfactory; even after 18 months constant use there is very little wear on the panels.


Redi-Liner Polyurethane in place at the bottom of the chute of St. Peters rail terminal

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