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Employment Opportunities

Production Associate

REPORTS TO: Factory #1, Factory #2, Tooling Development, Maintenance or Logistics Area Supervisors in our Gwinn, MI office

Areas of Responsibility

Responsible for producing quality polyurethane products for our customers, while constantly trying to improve profitability in the organization.

Tasks and Duties
  1. Perform Quality Workmanship in all aspects of the job. Act as though you are the last person to see the product prior to the customer seeing it. Inspect work coming to you from other areas and inspect your own workmanship prior to sending the part on to another area.
  2. Job responsibilities vary based on job assignment but some areas include: Insert Preparation, Mold Set-up, Pouring, Flaming, Demold, Trim, Final Assembly, Quality Assurance, Shipping and Receiving.
  3. Follow all documented standard operating procedures. Sign off on appropriate documentation as required.
  4. Maintain a well-organized work place. Keep work area clean and free of hazards. Place tools back in designated locations and maintain your tools in impeccable working condition.
  5. Follow work instructions as directed by Area Supervisor. Follow schedule and perform assigned tasks in a timely fashion.
  6. Monitor product delivery requirements and ensure they are met.
  7. Provide input for process and productivity improvements.
  8. Understand company metrics and goals and strive to achieve them.
  9. Be flexible in performing various tasks. Learn new job skills, and take on additional responsibility as it is delegated to you. One of the keys for a Lean workplace is worker flexibility.
  10. Always wear required safety equipment when performing a task, and use appropriate guarding. Work in safe manner following all safety rules and regulations.
  11. Understand and follow safety precautions. If you are unsure of how to handle a certain material or piece of equipment ask your supervisor.
  12. Read Blueprints and Set-up Molds. Utilize a Tape Measure and other measurement devices. Understand fractions and decimal equivalents.
  13. Understand what the 7 Deadly Wastes of Manufacturing are and seek to eliminate them.
  14. Properly label and identify all chemicals that you are working with.
  15. Work independently or as a member of a team.
  16. Other tasks as assigned by Supervisor.
  1. High School Diploma or Equivalent
  2. 2-5 years Manufacturing Experience desired.
  3. Ability to work and communicate with others.
  4. Be flexible and capable of multi-tasking.
  5. Must be quality conscious and pay attention to detail.
  6. Capable of reading Blueprints and various measurement equipment.
  7. Be flexible with work schedule to accommodate changes in work hours.
  8. Forklift Operation beneficial.
  9. Ability to lift 50 lbs.
Working Conditions

Work in a Fast Paced Production Environment that can be noisy, hot, and have occasional intermittent exposure to fumes and various oils and chemicals. Be comfortable with change as it occurs rapidly, and sometimes unexpectedly.

Work Scope
  1. Work Hours Day Shift 6:00 AM –4:30 PM M-Th, or a similar shift as determined by department demands. All schedules have two 15-minute breaks and one ½ hour lunch. Hours can vary depending on production schedule.
  2. Hourly position.
  3. Interacts with several other team members including: Production Associates, Sales Engineering Technicians, Scheduler, Job Tracking Associates, Train Operation Technicians, Maintenance and Tool Development Associates, as well as Area Supervisors and Managers.
Abnormality Reporting Rule

Every Associate is responsible for reporting “Any Abnormality with Product, Process, or Equipment” that will have a negative effect on fit, form / aesthetics, function, scrap rate, processing time, etc. Report all abnormalities to your area lead, supervisor, or manager immediately.

Measures of Performance
  1. Perform Quality Workmanship to specification and always to the highest aesthetics possible.
  2. Maintain a Positive Attitude – measured by peers, supervisors, and management.
  3. Reduction of Waste (Material and Labor) in Area.
  4. On-Time Delivery of Products.
  5. Keep work area Safe, Clean, and Orderly.
  6. Share and provide accurate information and suggestions.
  7. Adhere to all company policies and procedures.
  8. Cooperation with other team members and management.
  9. Performance of other tasks assigned by management.
  10. Maintain an outstanding Attendance and punctuality record.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please complete an application and email it to or drop it off at our Gwinn office.