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Snow Blower Paddles

snow blower paddles

Argonics snow blower paddles last four times longer than OEM rubber rotors. Because you won’t remember how many years ago you installed them, they come with wear indicator nubs to help you visually see when it’s time to order more.

Features of the Argonics paddles:

  • 3/8″ thick, one of the thickest available
  • Wear indicator nubs
  • Last 4 or more times longer than OEM rubber rotors

Argonics’ Kryptane® polyurethane formula has been trusted in the mining industry over the past 25 years, where it’s known for its superior abrasion-resistant qualities. Snow and ice are no match for it!

The Tundra Tamer paddles fit Toro Power Clear 621/721 series single stage snow blower and Lawn Boy Insight snow thrower. They also fit more than 80 different models of snow blowers and throwers.

The common OEM part numbers that they replace are 55-9250, 55-9251, 88-0771, 99-9313, and 125-1128.

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