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March 28, 2017

Argonics’ custom urethane products and capabilities featured

Argonics has recently been featured in both online and print, focusing on our custom products and capabilities. One of the articles was published by Manufacturing Tomorrow:

To maximize durability and cushion the impact of the speedboat entering and exiting the offshore patrol vessel’s rear bay, Argonics collaborated with the Dutch shipbuilder and Muller-Beltex to engineer a urethane slipway liner comprised of two layers of material each with a different durometer, a measure of hardness.

According to Muller, Argonics came up with the idea of creating a dual durometer liner to better withstand the inevitable wear and impact.

“The urethane’s harder top layer has more resistance against cutting and tearing, while the bottom layer is softer to better withstand the impact of the powerboats,” says Muller.

He adds that Argonics’ expertise in urethane formulation helped to optimize the material for the necessary characteristics, while creating strongly bonded layers that would not separate.

“With their expertise, along with CAD, Solidworks, and prototyping capability, they can design a part in urethane to match any other substance or requirement,” says Muller.

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