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November 19, 2019 Tundra Tamer plow blade cutting edge

Why should you choose Tundra Tamer snow plow cutting edges?

Tundra Tamer plow blade cutting edge

Choosing Argonics Engineered Polyurethane as the premium cutting edge material for your specific snow removal has many benefits, including protecting both your vehicle and property investments.

Argonics polyurethane will not damage your surface, and will protect any castings, lighting, and pavement markings. No more scratches to your new blacktop or concrete, which will please homeowners and customers alike.  Our polyurethane will remain flexible and pliable under extremely harsh weather conditions, including sub-zero temperatures. This characteristic allows our cutting edges to float over any obstructions, seams, or voids while still providing a clean and snow-free surface during plowing operations.

With the increase in the use of ornamental pavers and stamped concrete surfaces, Argonics polyurethane material will protect these surfaces from damage.

A polyurethane cutting edge is much more forgiving than steel, which will reduce shock on the operator, as well as provide a quieter environment when plowing. Your customers and neighbors will certainly appreciate these benefits.

Polyurethane will also outperform and outlast rubber material, which presents many cost benefits—less maintenance, reduced time on the job, and a much cleaner surface when the task is completed.

Larger, commercial properties will also experience the benefits of polyurethane for their snow removal needs. We recommend, for optimal performance, that the speeds during operations be limited to 35 MPH and less.

When the time comes to replace your worn cutting edge, please consider Argonics engineered polyurethane as the material that will exceed your expectations for performance, durability, and cost effectiveness.

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