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Brush Cleaner

The Argonics Brush Cleaner is a completely contained system, which utilizes a Van der Graaf drum motor. This motor is an enclosed unit with all motorized parts inside the roller, making it the choice for the most challenging environments.

The Brush Cleaner is particularly popular in frac sand mining applications, where the brush helps remove proppant sand from conveyor belts.

  • Brush cleaner system
  • Completely sealed drum motor
  • One-component brush assembly with a compact, low-profile design
  • Ideal for use on chevron or cleated belts
  • Rotary brush cleaner removes excessive carryback while reducing belt wear
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Drum motor warms the brush, allowing it to clean effectively in even the harshest conditions
  • Systems fit belt widths of 24”-72”, with custom sizes available

Electric Motor

  • 3 Phase 60 Hz, available in 230, 480, 575 Voltage
  • CSA and UL Certified for operation in hazardous locations. Class II, Group E, F & G.
  • IP66 & 68 rated

Drum Motor

  • Standard mild steel shell, flanges and square shafts. Optional all stainless steel available.


  • Nylon 66 Continuous Spiral Brush, OD 10” standard
  • Other bristle diameters and brush materials are available
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