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May 19, 2021

Benefits of Polyurethane Classifier Shoes

What They Do

classifier shoes on auger

Sand and gravel plants around the world use classifier shoes in their operations. These plants wash fines (aggregates, sand, etc.), commonly producing products for the construction industry. Classifier shoes help protect metal surfaces during the washing, classifying, and dewatering process. Classifier shoes mount to an auger, protecting it from wear.

The shoes help blend and separate the fines from the target material sizes. Argonics classifier shoes are bi-directional, light-weight, and stand up to harsh wear. This article from Pit & Quarry university explains the process of washing and classifying in depth.


classifier shoe
In a weight comparison, the Argonics classifier shoe weighed slightly over 4 pounds, compared to an alloy shoe that weighed more than 28 pounds.
  • Abrasion Resistant
    • Kryptane polyurethane lasts up to four times longer than commonly used Ni-Hard shoes.
  • Formulated for Optimal Performance
    • Choosing the right formula for the application is essential for wear life and longevity. Argonics classifier shoes are made with an ether polyurethane formulation. This formula is engineered to be the best choice for both fine particle abrasion and resistance to hydrolysis, which is a common form of degradation of polyurethane due to exposure to moisture. The resistance to moisture is a key factor since classifier shoes spend a significant amount of time underwater during operations.
  • Bi-Directional
    • Alloy shoes are either made for right or left screws, not both, whereas polyurethane shoes can be used on either screw. The physical properties of polyurethane allow these shoes to flex, making them suitable for use on both sides.
  • Light-weight
    • Polyurethane weighs about seven times less than steel, which will extend the life of the bearings and reduce the strain on the motor. Less drag keeps your operation running smoothly and efficiently, leading to less downtime for repairs.

Custom Sizes and Retrofits

classifier shoes on auger

Argonics classifier shoes are available for most classification screws on the market. Custom sizes are available for quote by contacting an Argonics sales representative and by completing the product application guide.

• Akins • Blackstone • Cindaco • Denver • Eagle • Essco • Greystone
• Kolberg • Kolman • Metz • McLanahan • Nermco • Telsmith • Togenson
• Wemco

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