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May 26, 2020

Construction season: where do we fit in?

Summer is right around the corner, and we’ll soon see a familiar sight: orange cones. Yes, it’s almost construction season. This may mean longer commutes and torn-up sidewalks; however, at Argonics, we manufacture products to help construction projects move quicker and more efficiently.   

Argonics is involved in the construction industry in a couple different capacities:


Some of our products are used in raw aggregate processing. Aggregates consist of stone, sand, and gravel. Aggregates are an important part of the construction industry; without them, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to build things. 

After mining and crushing, aggregates go through a screening process, which separates material before it goes on to secondary and tertiary crushing. It also helps filter desirable material for the eventual, final product. Check out Pit & Quarry University for a detailed description of the screening process.

This sizing process is accomplished through a screen deck. A screen deck is a multi-tiered operation with multiple decks that shake and vibrate screens. The screens have holes of varying sizes, allowing desirable aggregates to pass on to the next deck. 

Argonics manufactures several products for the aggregate separation process: crown bar channel covers, shaft tube covers, and classifier shoes, to name a few. Our products help protect screen deck and classifier operations from impact, excessive wear, noise issues, and more. 

After the screening process is complete, aggregates are mixed with cement or other materials to form concrete. 


A common place where you will see aggregate mixing is a concrete batch/batching plant. You’ll often hear a batching plant referred to as “wet” or “dry” batch plants. These plants take multiple ingredients, such as the aforementioned aggregates, cement, water and admixtures, and combine them to make ready-mix concrete.

One of the Argonics products you’ll find in a batch plant are our polyurethane liners. These liners are a substantial and worthwhile investment and help protect equipment from abrasion. Argonics liners are typically used in central mix drums, weigh scales, bins, and chutes. 

Once the ready-mix concrete product is finished, it’s used in concrete mixer trucks. Argonics manufactures products for the trucks, too, such as bibs, boots and charge chute liners. Argonics can manufacture custom colors to match your fleet. Our polyurethane also makes for easy wash-downs and cleanup.

You can click here to learn more about our line of concrete products.


Argonics helps the construction industry by providing superior wear products. Our products have a longer life span, when compared to steel or rubber. This means your operation will see less downtime and breakdowns, which helps keep projects running smoothly.