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Aluminum Diagonal Plow

The Aluminum Diagonal Plow is best used in a quarry or environment where protection is needed at an affordable price. It is designed to be lightweight yet durable, with a .375” (9.5 mm) thick, 2” x 2” (51 mm x 51 mm) aluminum angle iron frame.

  • Aluminum X-Plow system
  • Equipped with Kryptane® G83 polyurethane blade
  • Rugged mainframe and blade design
  • No hoses, cables, shocks or mud-packed components to deal with
  • Comes standard with safety chains
  • Aluminum Diagonal Plow comes disassembled in a box, allowing for reduced shipping costs


Blade Durometer Options
  • The Aluminum Diagonal Plow is available with G83 blades
Sizing Information

Aluminum X-Plow sizing chart

Mounting Information


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